• We use decorative rocks for decoration pools an waterfall. If prefered we have also rocks wh... Detail

  • We finished the landscape application of Portville Göcek at the end of 2007. It has 16000 m2 gr... Detail


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Our Plantation

Our Nursery We have been

working in landscape design with our nursery since 1992. First

year we only planted seasenol flowers and our productions

begin. Now Nazdem is located on Çevre Road in Çiftlikköy. We

have attempted to provide enough signage to answer any

questions. You may have regarding the products offered. If you

need assistance while browsing, we will do our best to help

you. Our Nursery with experienced employee service to our

customer by their necessity.

We have second

NAZDEM  on Migros road since 2008.

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Plant Of Month

Campsis Radicans
It is called "trumpet vine" colloguial language.It is green and has flowers in fall and spring,it has fewer flowers for the rest of the year.It is a mediterranean plant.Campsis Radicans can be pruned and can be given shape.It's flowers are bright red-orange colour .Someties they are yellow also.But campsis Radicans must be pruned before it has flowers.If it is not pruned the shape would be differend.It can be used in the flower pots or in groups.It can be used in plant arrangement.


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